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by Phil Brown


A Colossal Sonnet

Sure, Atlas was big, but not so smart. All that strain!
So much dead weight; he didn't protest or complain,
Just shouldered the world, but got no prize -
Not even a simple thankyou. A bloke of a similar size
Got the same raw deal ... that old Colossus of Rhodes,
Poor bugger, had to stand all day counting loads
As they sailed between his knees. In the end
He gave up the ghost. There wasn't a single friend
Who came to coax him back from the brink.
At the last moment he stopped briefly to think,
But then quickly jumped, convinced he'd done his dash.
The small crowd gathered nearby cried: "What a splash!"
The mediate result of his death was a week of ripples
World-wide'. Atlas, ankle deep in the ocean, felt them as tickles.


by Phil Brown

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