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by Phil Brown



Abdul the brickie forsook all
To seek enlightenment.

Across the mountains he journeyed
To high places
Where men were tangled like spaghetti
Chanting insensibly.

He chanted also until the top of his head
Blew off
And God crawled in.

He saw beams of light where once, people were.

To hell with beams, he thought,
And sought maidens.

Ecstasy. once more, was only confusing.

The fire in his loins
Set his whole body alight
And men came running, with buckets,
To put him out.

He was wet and dead afterwards.

"Go back to work," they told him.

Abdul is laying bricks again.

His head has not exploded for years
And he keeps his loins in the fridge.

He chants occasionally,
it must be admitted,
But only on birthdays
Or long weekends.


by Phil Brown

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