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Review of - Any Guru Will Do

...a book by Phil Brown

Age on 11.11.2006

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Any Guru Will Do
by Phil Brown, University of Queensland Press,
paperback, 21 6pp, $23.95

PHIL BROWN IS A natural at mining his neuroses and bodily afflictions for rueful humour that reflects the obsessions of his time. With an admirable lightness of touch, he sketches his young, confused self lurching from one religion to another, one doctor to another, one New Age guru to another in search of salvation of body and soul.

He does a correspondence course in Catholicism and is so thorough in first confession that he almost puts the priest to sleep. He seeks a cure for his stomach ulcer with evangelical Pastor Ray.

Depressed after his father's death, he finds himself admitted to hospital by his psychiatrist and later almost starves to death on a health farm. Eventually he finds a cure with a celebrity healer - or at least a temporary feeling of wellbeing.

I suspect a lot of people will see glimpses of themselves in Brown's self-deprecating and whimsical quest for health and happiness.


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'It is slightly disarming to receive a travel book in a sick bag. It suggests two things. Firstly, the book might make you ill, or secondly, that perhaps you will be sick with laughter. Felicitously, the latter is the case.' CANBERRA TIMES

'Brisbane's Woody Allen.' COURIER-MAIL

'Phil Brown is set to become the poster boy for neurotic travellers everywhere.'

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