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Sigrid Thornton

Phil Brown and Sigrid Thornton at the launch of the Brisbane Art Prize - see picture, click Sigrid Thornton

Alan Alda

Phil Brown meets Alan Alda in Brisbane during the World Science Festival - see picture, click Alan Alda

Barry Humphries

Phil meets up with comedian Barry Humphries in Brisbane ... see the picture, click Barry Humphries

Ben Elton

Phil meets British comic and writer Ben Elton in Brisbane ... see picture, click Ben Elton

Craig McLachlan

Phil meets actor Craig McLachlan in Brisbane where McLachlan was starring in Rocky Horror Show the musical.

... see picture, click Craig McLachlan

Bruce Beresford

Phil meets Australian film director Bruce Beresford (Driving Miss daisy, Mao’s Last Dancer) in Brisbane.

... see picture, click > Bruce Beresford

Kathy Lette

Phil Brown meets expat author Kathy Lette in Brisbane.

... see picture, click > Kathy Lette

Willem Dafoe

Phil Brown meets Hollywood star Willem Dafoe in Brisbane.

...see picture - click > Willem Dafoe

Michael Cunningham

Phil Brown met and interviewed American author Michael Cunningham
(The Hours) and they chatted at the Stamford Plaza Hotel in Brisbane about Michael’s new book By Nightfall.

...see picture - click > Michael Cunningham

Former PM John Howard

Phil Brown interviewing former PM John Howard at the Stamford Plaza Hotel, Brisbane on November 16, 2010
Mr Howard was spruiking about his autobiography, Lazarus Rising.

...see picture - click > John Howard

Kathy Zuckerman

Phil meets the real Gidget, Kathy Zuckerman, whose father’s book about her teenage antics started the Gidget industry.

...see picture - click > Kathy Zuckerman

Portrait of Phil Brown

Portrait of Phil Brown by John Grimsdale, entry for the Archibald Prize 2008

...see portrait - click > Phil Brown

David Malouf

Phil Brown, interview with famous author David Malouf - see below ....

Phil Brown, interview with famous author David Malouf

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