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by Phil Brown



Sunburnt and strung out on a string of suggestions
The darling dad of a dozen dainty daughters
Falls forward, fainting in a fit of fun
Induced, indirectly, by innumerable innuendos
From the heaving hips of a horde of hopeful hussies
Prancing past, preening and panting as they parade,
Sinfully spreading their sorcery 'round Surfers Paradise.

Drunken drongoes, dodging and dancing, dazed,
Lust and leer, lurching, leaning and laughing.
Perturbed parents protect the petulant purity
Of the gaggle of girls they guide like geese
Through the turbulent torrent of tourists in terry-towelling,
Thronging the thoroughfare, thoroughly, thoughtlessly,
Wondering when a wind will cool their wanderings.

Erotic ethnics exude libido endlessly
Sitting, sipping, sighing and sometimes stirring
To mingle with mall maidens as they meander
Through the hot heart of this holiday haven.
Blinded by bikinis, they beg to borrow
A social cigarette ... with a subtle hint of sex -
Their tenacious tactics can take a terrible toll.

After the sun has slipped out of sight
And nice new neon has nullified the night
Lilac Lamborghinis do their languid laps
Full of bleached blondes and big burly bruisers,
All totally tanned and terrificly tight:
Soon someone seedy is sick on the sidewalk


by Phil Brown

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