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Phil Brown has been writing travel for more than two decades. If you've read his book Travels With My Angst you'll know he's not the best traveller in the world but Phil has written on locations from the Himalayas to the Scottish Highlands where he once bagged a Munro. Look it up if you don't know what that means.

His favourite destination is always Hong Kong and his favourite hotel is always The Peninsula, that's a given, but he has ranged far and wide and here you can read about some of his journeys.

Travel Stories:

  1. New Sydney Sofitel is tres chic - Qweekend, The Courier-Mail, December 9-10, 2017

  2. Oasis outside the bustle of Byron - Qweekend, The Courier-Mail, August 19-20, 2017

  3. BOUNTIFUL BANGKOK - Qweekend, The Courier-Mail, July 1-2, 2017

  4. Safe harbour at Pier One - Qweekend, The Courier-Mail, June 24-25, 2017

  5. An oasis of dreams - QWeekend magazine, The Courier-Mail, June 3, 2017

  6. Palace Intrigue - Brisbane News May 24 - 2017
    Live like a king in splendid luxury at a beachside resort on the stunning Thai coast long favoured by royals

  7. Space for relaxation at Noosa - QWeekend
    Where to stay ...

  8. BEAUT IDEA - Brisbane News, Dec 14-20, 2016
    Hotel pairs the art of living with major artist’s show

  9. ZOO WITH A VIEW - The Courier-Mail Saturday Oct 22.2016

  10. Culture club - Brisbane News edition 26 Oct to Nov 2. 2016
    Creativity revives a once jaded Sydney locale

  11. Wild about Honkers - Brisbane News edition of Oct 19-26-2016
    Explore Hong Kong’s hidden wonders

  12. AN EASTERN STAR - QWeekend, The Courier-Mail, Sept 10/2016
    Since the days of empire, The Peninsula Hong Kong has been revered as the finest hotel east of Suez

  13. GREAT ESCAPE - In the footsteps of convicts, between city and sea
    "The convicts might not have had such a great time in The Rocks but it worked for us".

  14. HIDDEN HONKERS - May 18 - 24 2016
    Kowloon’s backstreets conceal a wealth of wonders ...

  15. WONDERFUL WHISTLER - 24.10.2015 - The Courier Mail
    Summer or winter, Whistler is a magic destination and The Fairmont Chateau Whistler is the place to stay, writes Phil Brown

  16. GROOVY VANCOUVER - 19.09.2015 - The Courier Mail
    The locals call it ‘Van-groovy’ and Vancouver is one of the world’s most beautiful cities and there’s plenty to do all year round, writes Phil Brown

  17. Palace intrigue
    Live like royalty in the luxury confines of a legendary Waikiki Beach hotel

  18. Bay dream believer
    Eat your fill then chill on a Thai island idyll

  19. Top 10 Singapore Favourites
    If Paris is a movable feast, what does that make Singapore?

  20. Honkers heaven
    Embrace the thrilling intensity of Tsim Sha Tsui

  21. Bali - Spellbinding spot
    In Sanur, it’s all about kicking back and taking things slowly

  22. Macau - Cultured pearl
    Rich history adds lustre to an Asian port of call


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