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Monto homage - The work of the late, great Gil Jamieson will be celebrated in a new regional art gallery
Qweekend magazine, The Courier-Mail, February 26-27, 2022
“I hope we don’t censor ourselves so much that no one can say anything funny”
Qweekend, The Courier-Mail, APRIL 10-11, 2021
Author Waxes Lyrical - Tussaud Book by Belinda Lyons-Lee - This historical novel is based on the extraordinary life of Madame Marie Tussaud who set up her own London museum - APRIL 10-11, 2021 QWEEKEND.COM.AU
Woman behaving badly - Aussie expat author Kathy Lette relishes growing older disgracefully as she ditches cruise control for her latest book, Husband Replacement Therapy - Qweekend, The Courier-Mail, April 25-26, 2020
The Golden Age - In a colourful new memoir, Brisbane News columnist Phil Brown recalls his boyhood in Hong Kong - The Kowloon Kid - Brisbane News August 7 - 13
John Russell dined with Claude Monet and taught colour theory to Henri Matisse” - QWEEKEND, THE COURIER-MAIL, OCTOBER 27-28, 2018

“I wanted to pay homage to [Jim] Morrison. His grave is one of the most popular”

A LITTLE BIT EACH WAY - Weekend, The Courier-Mail, July 22-23, 2017
Nick Horne’s collection of his father’s writings highlights the contrasts inherent in the man who defined modern Australia
LEISURE TROVE - QWeekend magazine in The Courier Mail on Saturday April 29
If you’re no good at relaxing or filling in time, why not write a book about it?
SUSPENDED REALITY - The Courier-Mail Saturday February 11, 2017
Writer George Saunders enlists ghosts to help tell his story about the US president’s dead son ... read here

LOVE & DEATH IN THE WILD WEST - Qweekend, The Courier-Mail, Oct 28, 2016
Irish writer Sebastian Barry tackles an unusual love story set in America’s turbulent past

In between making big-budget films in Hollywood, Bruce Beresford’s love of opera brings him to Brisbane to direct a Benjamin Britten classic .... read here

Shakespeare is as relevant today as he was when he shuffled off this mortal coil in 1616, writes Phil Brown ... free PDF download

When Booker Prize-winning author Howard Jacobson was asked to resurrect Shylock, his initial reluctance was soon replaced with creative zeal, writes Phil Brown. Read here

MEMOIR - In the last days of Joh
News in unmarked brown envelopes, by Phil Brown
Griffith review's available as a free PDF download...

Read Phil’s Brisbane News interview with author Richard Flanagan - PDF

Phil’s review of Nicholas Rothwell’s new book in the March edition of Australian Book Review - PDF

Phil Brown - Flannery writes of cannibals and eponymous bats
THERE'S an 18th or 19th century explorer inside Tim Flannery, trying to get out... read more

Phil's Review - For better or worse we're plastic wrapped - The Weekend Australian... read here

Phil's interview in Brisbane News with author Will Elliot, a bloke who, refreshingly, thinks success is highly overrated ... PDF

Obituary in the "Australian" - Poet David Rowbotham's late flowering crowned a life's work. He was one of a small group of Queensland poets who made a big impact on 20th and early 21st-century Australian poetry. ... read more

Read Phil's review in The Australian Literary Review May 5, 2010 - PDF
Reviews of:
Curtains - By Tom Jokinen - UQP, 279pp, $32.95
The Deadly Dinner Party - By Jonathan A Edlow - New South, 245pp, $34.95
The D-Word - By Sue Brayne - Continuum, 172pp, $25

Storm boy - by Phil Brown
Father and son bond over the drama of Brisbane’s seasonal sideshow.... click to read more

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