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Phil is Arts Editor at The Courier-Mail newspaper and a weekly columnist who writes about his life in his Last Word column which appears every Saturday in Qweekend magazine.

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And another thing ... I suffer from many things mostly imaginary but one thing I really do have is neophobia. A fear of anything new. - read more

LAST WORD - We recently took possession of an item that has changed my life. Toast tongs.

LAST WORD - Is there anything more mysterious than dry cleaning?

LAST WORD - The cinema and theatre environment is really entrapment. It’s dark, you’re comfortable, no one is watching, and ... I’m out like a light

Work .... It's A Living I'm starting to get the hang of this work business again but it's not easy - read more

Cultured tastes At tray chic gallery openings, a feed is always on the menu - read more

Peak experience - Mountainous efforts are a breeze in retrospect > click - read more

Plane inquisitive - Giving flight to high anxiety > click - read more

Totally devoted - A snail’s pace while holidaying brings enlightenment > click - read more

Hang on - Just how important is your phone call? > click - read more

Tech NO - Taking a byte out of the computer age > click - read more

Watching the defectives - Monkeying around with viewing for leisure > click - read more

Me and my hang-ups - Beware: cold callers can expect some phone rage > click - read more

New year’s daze - Holiday lethargy lingers but the ailments are gone > click - read more

Puppy love - One man and how he went to the dogs > click - read more

Pour shot - Life’s not worth living without a morning brew or two > click - read more


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