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Phil Brown  The Kowloon Kid

The Kowloon Kid

A Hong Kong Childhood

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Phil Brown’s life begins in small-town Australia – Maitland NSW to be precise – but in 1963 his father Ted hankers to return to the Hong Kong of his childhood and to cash in on a construction boom in the burgeoning colony..... READ MORE

Review by: Cass Moriarty Aug 17, 2019 | What Am I Reading? 

The Kowloon Kid - Kindle E-book Edition

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Morning Brew on RTHK Radio 3 Hong Kong - Phil Brown, along with Poet and Grease Monkey David McKirdy, talking about Phil's new book 'The Kowloon Kid'...and being Hong Kong boys

The Kowloon Kid at the Peninsula Hong Kong

Thrilling to meet billionaire Hong Kong businessman Sir Michael Kadoorie whose company Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels runs The Peninsula Hong Kong and other hotels worldwide.

I presented Sir Michael with a copy of my book The Kowloon Kid and we had coffee with him at his office in Central.

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The Read and the Interview - Recorded at Byron Writers Festival 2022

RACQ - Podcast - the Kowloon Kid - From the streets of Kowloon, to the pages of The Courier Mail as Arts Editor - Phil Brown has lived a life that's anything but ordinary.

Phil is Arts Editor at The Courier-Mail newspaper and a weekly columnist whose work appears in the daily paper and online and in Qweekend magazine in The Courier-Mail where he writes about his life ... and mines the rich ore of his artistic nature, with occasional references to Dumb and Dumber.

“As an author I write about myself,” Phil says. “And, if that sounds self-indulgent, you don't know the half of it. Mind you if you read any of my memoirs - Travels with My Angst, Any Guru Will Do and The Kowloon Kid, all will be revealed. Existential angst reigns in all my work including my two books of poetry - Plastic Parables and An Accident in the Evening. Is that a good thing? You can be the judge of that.”

Phil is a popular presenter at festivals and events of an artistic or literary nature and is available for speaking engagements. In fact try shutting him up.


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Aussie expat author Kathy Lette relishes growing older disgracefully as she ditches cruise control for her latest book, Husband Replacement Therapy

Phil meets up with comedian
Barry Humphries in Brisbane

Phil interviews Dr. Norman Doidge
... about Brain Plasticity


When Booker Prize-winning author Howard Jacobson was asked to resurrect Shylock .... Read more


The Peninsula Paris i

Paris in Style

The Peninsula Paris 
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Phil Brown - Arts Editor - weekly columnist - writer

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Phil Brown  The Kowloon Kid

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The Kowloon Kid
Kindle E-book Edition

'An exquisite love letter to Hong Kong.' - Ross Fitzgerald

Review: Cass Moriarty

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What Phil’s reader say:

These finely-crafted, quirky poems range from evocations of a lost childhood in Hong Kong, through musings about Ernest Hemingway and the watching of contemporary TV, to reflections about waiting for a pizza and feeling sympathy for a solitary, suffering woman on the sidewalk in cosmopolitan, trendy New Farm in inner city Brisbane.

Funny, bitter, cool and derelict, An Accident in The Evening is an idiosyncratic and engaging collection of poetry that is fresh and wonderfully liberating.

— Ross Fitzgerald


Arts Editor - The Courier-Mail

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Phil Brown - Arts Editor - weekly columnist - writer


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